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The Instagram application is one of the social platforms preferred by millions of users around the world. Its functions and features like posting photos, watching videos, and following your favorite artists is one of the things that has motivated many people to create an account. Best of all, you can project Instagram content on TV in order to see all your Reels in a more optimal way.

If you thought that doing it was impossible, in this article we will explain different ways to how to watch an Instagram live on your Smart TV. Since this platform made it possible to share screen with other electronic equipment, it is possible to watch videos from a television. But what do you need to broadcast Instagram on your TV? In what ways can you see an Instagram Live on your Smart TV? Keep reading carefully and discover the answers.

Does my TV model matter if I want to watch a live show?

Since the beginning of the Covid-19 pandemic, celebrities and popular users have focused even more on creating short videos in order to entertain themselves and keep up with their followers. And although the Instagram application was designed primarily to view all its content on mobile devices, it is also possible to transmit it to Windows PC, Mac and currently you can also use your television.

In that sense, does the model of your TV really matter to see a live show? The truth is that no, many people have a Samsung Smart TV or an Apple TV, so whatever the model you have, the important thing is that they are a smart TV with integrated functions that allow the use of other necessary devices in order to be able to broadcast on it. That said, what you need to watch a live on your TV is explained below.

What do I need to see an Instagram live on my TV?

The truth is that using Instagram from a television for many people is much more comfortable, since they can watch videos on a bigger screenBesides that, viewing the images from a safe distance prevents your eyes from suffering from the effects of light on your phone screen. Whatever the reasons you want to watch Instagram Reels on a Smart TV, you must take into account some aspects to be able to achieve this objective.

The first thing you need is connect your TV to a wifi connection, download the ‘IG Stories for Instagram’ application and use a device that allows you to connect Instagram content to your Smart TV. Just by having this on hand you can easily enjoy all the multimedia content that Instagram brings to you, especially from the people you follow.

On the other hand, something we want to highlight is that the Instagram video quality on your television, even if its screen is full HD It will not be the same as what we see on our phones, therefore, it is good that you take this aspect into account in order not to have high expectations if you decide to watch direct from Instagram on your Smart TV.

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What are the ways to watch a live show on my Smart TV?

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As you can see, it is possible to use your smart TV not only to watch varied programs, movies, series and sports. It is also very useful to view your social networks from the screen of it in the comfort of your home. The good news is that you can use different methods to watch a live on your Smart TVTo do this, follow the steps mentioned in the following segments:

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Go to the Instagram website

To see direct from Instagram on your Smart TV, the first thing you should do is install IG Stories for Instagram extension as mentioned above, preferably in the Google Chrome browser, and then go to the web version of Instagram.

Subsequently, go to the profile of the person who is broadcasting a live and click on the three dots that appear in the upper right corner. After that, an options menu will open where you should select the option ‘Send’. This action allows the user’s live to be broadcast on the television.

Download the Instagram application for Smart TV

Another very useful method to download is to install the Instagram application for Smart TV. As already mentioned, it is important to make sure that your TV has a good Wi-Fi connection or through a network cable. Then go to the TV menu and click on the option ‘Google Home’, there you must go to the application store and look for the Instagram app, or do it directly by typing it in the search engine.

Once you get it, click on ‘Install’ to make it part of the app catalog on your smart TV. In case, when you open it, it asks you to log into the ‘Samsung Account’ account and you do not have it created, you should not worry, since creating one is very easy. You just need enter an email and password. In this way, you can play videos and direct on Instagram from your Smart TV.

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Cast content through a Chromecast

If you have not heard the name Chromecast before, it is normal that you want to know what it is and how it works. And even more so knowing that it is one of the alternatives that you can use to view Instagram on your television. In that sense, a Chromecast is a small device that allows you to connect other devices to a TV thanks to a HDMI port via internet connection.

Therefore, you can use a Chromecast and send all Instagram multimedia files through this device to your Smart TV remotely, in fact, you can even watch YouTube videos or watch your favorite series and movies on the Netflix platform using a Chromecast.

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